A downloadable pickupfootball


made by me and a friend

i did game design and we both helped build the original set u see in the video (which i donated to someone on the street)

optional variant rules:

1. find a small rock, a pinecone, a spikeball, or a little piece of round plastic to use for a ball

2. play it wherever you are (a beach, a forest, your room, a river, inside an active volcano)

3. use sticks, two cups, 2 chairs, some pieces of chain link, a fencepost for the goal

4. you probably know that football is a type of play that doesn't even require sports, rules, games, or even anything but imagination to be learned by bodies without borders and in between two places, the goals/gols/gaols/gaels is a type of war so peaceful that it is hard to imagine beauty exists elsewhere.

5. PLAY! make friends! dance the ball into a corner! oui montreal, sí los angeles, An dtuigeann tú: Do you understand?

Tuigim: Yes (I understand)

i didn't even know there were no words for yes or no in gaelic, but that explains nothing at all... haha

no words are required to learn how to play football, fuessball, futbol, im not sure


thats sanskrit by the way

the iadas in the title is a reminder to

eat baliadas for honduras, endurance, and survival

click here to start:


play :)

Install instructions

here's a link to the rules:

oh wait we don't play by the rules

we play in the streets

WE ------------------o [ goalie ]

[ goa ] --l--i--e-----o



LEGOpickupsoccer-instructionvideo.wmv 47 MB
LEGOPickupFootballRules.pdf 38 kB

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